Why Soma is sold as prescription drug in the US?

Soma prescrition drugSoma can be bought only with a prescription at brick-and-mortar drugstores. Those who do not have a prescription can buy Soma online by opting for an online pharmacy which provides an online prescription.Some drugs are likely to prompt misuse due to the way they interact with different drugs. Soma is the brand name for the muscle relaxant Carisoprodol, a drug that is accessible only by prescription, though it is not on the government controlled substances list. When used as prescribed, Soma has just a negligible potential for misuse. It offers to ease pain without the addictive potential of opioid-based pain medications, for example, Vicodin. Then why is it only a prescription only medicine? It is so because of the tendency of Soma abuse arising from its interaction with different drugs. The drug itself is not especially addictive, but rather individuals can bring Soma with other uncontrolled substances to reproduce the impacts of an exceedingly addictive opiate like Heroin. It unwinds muscles and affects the user like a sedative.

What is the real reason behind Soma being a prescription drug?

The issue with Soma does not lie in its addictive potential. Soma abuse is driven by the drug’s interaction with different drugs, similar to liquor, codeine, and hydrocodone. Abusers use Soma to enhance the efficacy of different drugs and to make mixed drinks that mimic the impacts of opiate substances, similar to heroin. For instance, Soma and codeine are frequently taken together to enhance the entrancing impact of every individual drug. This blend is referred to in the city as a Soma Coma. Moreover, this is regularly consumed with the hydrocodone-based prescription drug Vicodin to create heroin-like impacts. In the metropolitan cities, this blend is known as a Las Vegas Cocktail. The inclination of people of all ages to utilize this drug in conjunction with different drugs to make opiate impacts has driven numerous states to direct Soma as a controlled substance, despite the fact that the central government is yet to characterize it that way. The peril with Soma is in the conditions that can be made when utilizing it to elevate the impacts of profoundly addictive drugs.

Profound side effects of Soma

Like any other drug, Soma is also being misused to create a “high.” If it is taken in excessive measurements, the drug can deliver a mesmerizing, lazy impact that some individuals appreciate. This kind of misuse can have huge physical symptoms, including obscured vision, tipsiness, and loss of coordination. There aren’t numerous different signals that point to Soma overdose, however, you likewise must know about different side effects that may show if the individual joined Soma with another drug. The Soma overdose alone can bring about paralysis and result in the individual slipping into a state of unconsciousness. Death is also a possibility. Yes, death! Further, withdrawal from Soma can bring about chills, depression, breathing problems and heaving. Moreover, prolonged Soma abuse can integrally affect a man’s health. The drug can bring about tightness in the chest cavity, tachycardia and harm and damage organs ultimately resulting in hospitalization. A man who has overdosed on this drug will ordinarily encounter trouble relaxing.