Why choose brand version of Soma over Generics?

When it was first introduced in the market, Soma was all the rage and everyone resorted to using this muscle relaxer with the slightest hint of muscle pain. But of late, the brand version is less and less available in the pharmacies. Does it mean to say that the popularity of soma has gone down? Let’s find out!

Reasons for unavailability of brand soma

Brand Soma Vs GenericsSoma brand has slowly gained its popularity due to its sheer efficacy in treating muscle cramps and other musculoskeletal conditions. Since its inception, there is a lot of demand to buy Soma online as the trademark company was the only company that legally had the right to manufacture soma. Due to the patented right owned by the trademark manufacturer of soma, they did not have any competition. This means that they can price that pill at whatever price margin they wish to, provided that they stick to certain market standards. It is not at all surprising that brand soma comes at a whopping cost of all the research, development and marketing went to bringing soma from research stage to industry standard.

After the expiration of the patent, however, many generic manufacturers swooped in to cash into this opportunity and started manufacturing their own versions of soma with the same active ingredient carisoprodol. Since all they had to do was mimic the original formulation, they were supplying soma for a much lower price than brand one. Since the price was an unappealing factor of brand soma, increasing number of people started to buy carisoprodol online instead of the brand one. This marks the downfall of brand soma since generic manufacturers gave a tough competition to the trademark brand. Hence it is not apt to say that the popularity of soma medicine itself has down. It is just that many different brands started coming into the market so the trademark brand lost its fame.

Are both generic and brand soma equally efficient?

Absolutely! Both brand and generic soma produce the same results in terms of treating muscle cramps, given that the generic medicine is manufactured by an authentic pharmaceutical company. FDA has taken the initiative to also approve the generic manufacturers by examining their manufacturing standards and quality of soma hence it is safe to go with FDA approved generic manufacturers. Generic soma must be having the same dosage strength, mechanism of action, route of administration as the brand one for it to be approved by the FDA. The pill also needs to have the same active ingredient carisoprodol in the exact amounts. The only differentiating aspect would be the binding agents used in the generic pill.

The best part of the generic version is the price. Who wouldn’t opt for the generic soma if it comes with equal efficiency as the brand one but is significantly lower in price? Regular users can save a lot on their prescription bills when they choose to buy soma without prescription. So this is the reason why the brand version of this pill is slowly starting to disappear from pharmacies, be it online or offline.