Ten most interesting facts on Carisoprodol

Carisoprodol, otherwise known as Soma (trade name) is a popular muscle relaxant known to act on skeletal muscles [1]. Chemically, it belongs to the class of drugs called carbamate. The effects of this pill center around the barbiturate receptor ligands. Thus by acting around the receptor ligand, the pill offers relief from pain incurred through muscle spasms and muscle injuries [2]. The medication is manufactured and sold in the United States by the pharmaceutical company called “Meda Pharmaceuticals”, it goes by names Carisoma or Sanoma in the United Kingdom [3]. Given below are the top ten facts on Carisoprodol.

  1. Partially soluble in water and completely soluble in acetone, ethanol, and chloroform, the solubility of this drug is almost independent of its pH.[4]
  2. Carisoprodol is marketed in the form of 350-milligram white, slightly convex pellets with SOMA inscribed on one side and “37 WALLACE 2001” on another [5]. Generic Soma can be bought online easily.
  3. When paired with codeine, the tablets are oval with “SOMA CC” and “WALLACE 2403” inscribed on either side and is yellow and white in color. On the other hand, when combined with aspirin, the tablets are white and lavender in color with “PAR 246” on it.[6]
  4. Just like other medicines, Soma can be abused too. Abusers ingest the pellets orally and most often in combination with meprobamate, propoxyphene, diazepam, heroic and Vicodin [6]. Vicodin, in particular when paired with Soma yields heroin-like effects in terms of hallucination. It is because of this reason the medicine cannot be bought without a prescription.
  5. Despite the fact that you must not ingest the tablets without seeking medical guidance, you can obtain the generic Soma online as it cures minor muscle injuries and spasms.
  6. Through several research studies, it has been confirmed that Carisoprodol is the widely consumed muscle relaxant pillin the western countries for non-medical reasons. Indeed, it also happens to be the most abused drug
  7. Carisoprodol has different brand names in countries across the globe as many manufacturers develop this drug. However, the principle composition of the medicine is Carisoprodol.[8]
  8. Before taking soma, you must know that its overdose may lead to death.[9]
  9. The Soma medication can cause psychological addictions and trigger adverse effects like drowsiness, depression, palpation in heartbeat, vomiting, blurred vision, nausea and insomnia.[10]
  10. Carisoprodol has a fast onset of actionand its effects could be felt within thirty minutes after consumption and lasts for two to six hours.[11]

The above-highlighted facts are something which every individual should take some time to glance through. Try to quiz an individual who has consumed carisoprodol and you would be surprised to discover many unknown facts about this drug. Please note that the dosage strength should not exceed your body’s tolerance limit.


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