Soma addiction, abuse and its treatment

Soma is a popular and well-known muscle relaxant with powerful pain relieving characteristics. Though it is highly effective, it triggers some harmful effects too if consumed exceedingly. Perhaps, it can be habit forming, if taken for a prolonged period of time. Soma abuse and addiction have been on the rise in the US for the past few years. Statistics show athletes, sportsperson and teenagers have abused the drug mostly. Once addicted, recovery is very hard to achieve.

Who is abusing Soma?

Soma addiction and its treatmentFrom the data obtained from “National Survey on Drug Use and Health”, around two million US residents above twelve years of age have consumed soma for nonmedical reasons. In countries like Mexico, the drug is sold under the trade name Somacid and many cases of abuse by sourcing the medication illegally after obtaining fake prescriptions sold by online pharmacists and doctors. Furthermore, so it is clear that soma drug abuse and dependence has been there for a long time now. The abusers have reported that soma when paired with Vicodin, gives heroin-like effects. Clearly, individuals of all age groups can abuse Soma especially now that generic Soma is available online in abundance. Many youngsters go about in availing this drug to experience the high effects upon consumption. Purchasing this drug without a genuine prescription is a punishable offense. The dependency is so horrible to the extent that abusers co-administer it along with a large number of drugs to amplify its effects.

What are the effects of abuse/addiction of Soma?

Everyone who are addicted to or are abusing soma stands at the risk of insomnia, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, tremors, agitation, double vision, stomach ache, confusion, giddiness, euphoria, drowsiness, weakness, flushing, dizziness, headache, depression, hypertension, heart palpitations, drops in blood pressure, irritability, and difficulty in coordination. The more serious and complex ones comprise of sleep apnea, amnesia, and heart attacks or strokes. Off late, incidents of Soma abuse has drastically come down since legitimate Soma Online pharmacies don’t permit individuals to procure the medication in high dosage strength without a valid prescription.The abusers of Soma can be categorized into two kinds. The first category would have exploited the effects of the medication for experiencing its high effects, whereas the other category of people finds it hard to obtain withdrawal from the soma.

What are the treatments available?

The best way to overcome soma addiction is by visiting a recovery center and opting for detoxification. Through detoxification process, the medicinal ingredients can be flushed away from the body. The tapering process comprises of decreasing the concentration of Carisoprodol admission. Only individuals with muscular injuries, muscle spasms should be consuming this medicine on a regular basis. With its dosage strength ranging from 750 mg to 1050 mg, the drug is highly appreciated for fast and instant recovery. One can be assured about the safety of the course of therapy with Soma at mild doses.